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When we receive your award application we will then send you an e-mail indicating that we received your application. If you have not yet received our e-mail to you, either your e-mail address was entered in an incorrect manner or is no longer working. This whole process will take anywhere between one week to a month depending on how many sites apply at a given time.

Sites will be notified if disqualified with reason given, if requested.

We will then conduct a preliminary visit to the website to check that it has all the listed required items needed and if there is anything that is on the site that could possibly disqualify your award application. We highly recommend that you completely read all of our criteria.

If your site passes the preliminary visit, we will then visit it again for a full evaluation and determine what award it will receive. Your award graphic will then be sent to you, with any further instructions needed. Your site will be added to the winner's area after you have notified us that the award is on your site and has been verified that it is indeed posted correctly with a link back to this site.

If you do not win one of our awards you will be notified and reason given, if wanted, with comments on how to improve your site. We have had some good feedback from several applicants who have greatly appreciated the input we have sent them. Following is a quote from one such applicant who did not even earn an award the first go through, "Allow me, once again, to express my deepest gratitude for taking your time to evaluate my website and also for giving me the great helpful comments on how to improve my site. I will be back for a second try. Thank You!"

You may reapply after a ( 2 ) month period if you have made changes to your site that will meet and/or exceed our criteria.


Reading the criteria of an award program fully is the most important part of applying for awards. By reading the criteria, and meeting it and/or exceeding it, is the way to win awards. Please do not blame any award program if you fail to fully read their criteria and do not win an award. It is your responsibility to understand what is needed to be able to score enough points to win! On the following pages you will be able to read our criteria. Please read all of the stated criteria areas pertaining to winning our awards.

Sandra Gerbers
Awards Manager

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