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2010 Gold Winners Graphic
By: Sandy
Width; 300 Pixels
Height: 25 Pixels
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Congratulations to our Gold Winners.

Our awards are not easy to obtain at any level and to win our award is a great achievement. You being a winner shows that you have put the effort needed into your site and have made it an asset to the www.

Sandra Gerbers
Owner/Awards Manager
The Fun Tyme Entertainment
Awards Program Evaluation Team

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Hope Lives Screen Shot
Width: 248 Pixels
Height: 159 Pixels
Country: USA
Awarded: 05/31/10

The goal of HopeLives! is to support and strengthen those touched by breast cancer by providing care, guidance and education.

A comprehensive site with resources for Northern Colorado breast cancer survivors, including complementary care programs run by the Foundation, as well as information on our fundraising events, outreach opportunities, and volunteer opportunities.

This site was designed by Trinity Prescott, it has all the details I expect to be included in a site designed by her.  Great graphics, well organized content and easy navigation.  Thumbs up!
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Toledo-Bend Gallery
Screen Shot
Width: 248 Pixels
Height: 159 Pixels
Country: USA
Awarded: 08/30/10

The Toledo-Bend Gallery ( has a vast array of nature photos, the bulk of which are identified by species. I try to have artistic photos of a given species as well as associated photos from different perspectives to assist those who may be trying to use the site for species identification.

Thank you for inviting me to step out of your front door with you into the beauty of the world. Your photographs are very well done! I like the fact that you take several views of most of your subjects. Your site is a very good reference for species identification. I can see you put a lot of thought and work into the content of your site. Nice work!

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