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Congratulations to our Gold Winners.

Our awards are not easy to obtain at any level and to win our award is a great achievement. You being a winner shows that you have put the effort needed into your site and have made it an asset to the www.

Sandra Gerbers
Owner/Awards Manager
The Fun Tyme Entertainment
Awards Program Evaluation Team

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Mitchell Family Online
Screen Shot
Country: England
Awarded: 09/08/11

Genealogy of the Mitchell families from Gloucestershire, England which over time, has expanded to include many other families and relatives both here and abroad.

Your site shows your dedication throughout. Your navigation is easy to follow and the photos are clear. The information was researched and displayed well. The long time you used to gather the content was well spent! Nice work!!!
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Vanya Melda Screen Shot
Country: USA
Awarded: 09/12/11

My website is a place where one may enjoy tranquility and beauty. It is meant to be a respite in a busy world.

How true the words.."a respite in a busy world". A shining site of peace on the web. I loved the design of this site for its restful look. As I journeyed through the pages, I read some of my favorite author's poems that still stirs the soul. The short stories section was also an area that left great meaning and reflection after reading them. They had such profound messages to bring forth. The Journal section was well done and a good read. Bring out the old pots and pans for some good recipes on this site too! Yummy! This is a nice site to Bookmark and visit again. Well done!
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Aquillrelle Screen Shot
Country: Belgium
Awarded: 10/11/11

Aquillrelle is a site dedicated to every poet amongst us encouraging the type of poetry which is a mix of talent, beauty and expression power. We do it by organizing poetry contests open to all, and biased by nothing but down to earth creativity.

A very encouraging site for people wanting to get their poetry out to the public. The imagination of the entries is reflected in their writer's poems. I enjoyed reading the poems of the winners, which makes it easy to see why they won. The site is not over-done and is a nice showcase for its purpose. Nice work!

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