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2012 Gold Winners Graphic
By: Sandy
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Gold Award Winners Graphic

Congratulations to our Gold Winners.

Our awards are not easy to obtain at any level and to win our award is a great achievement. You being a winner shows that you have put the effort needed into your site and have made it an asset to the www.

Sandra Gerbers
Owner/Awards Manager
The Fun Tyme Entertainment
Awards Program Evaluation Team

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The Compleat Heretic Screen Shot
Country: USA
Awarded: 02/16/12

Matt Wallace's The Compleat Heretic is the personal web site of an economic and social conservative, Republican, Teamsters union member, moral traditionalist, pro-life, U.S. Army veteran, NRA Benefactor Life Member, Secular Humanist atheist.

Not everyone will agree with some of this site's content but for the open minded it is a good view. Of special interest to me was the poetry section. The poetry is a straight shot from the heart, moving and so full of feeling! The site over-all is well done and easily showcases its content well. Well Done!
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American Civil War - The Past Remembered
Screen Shot
Country: USA
Awarded: 03/04/12

From the first shot fired at Fort Sumter to the final surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, the Civil War was a terrible time in history which pitted brother against brother and state against state. I have provided a few resources which I found in my travels to give honor to those participants who changed history.

I really like the background choice you have, it brings me back into the past and I am ready for the adventure!!! Great gathering of information and well displayed!!! I had a wonderful, informative journey through your pages. Some of the best sites are made when a person feels passion for the subject. Well Done!
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Timelines Screen Shot
Country: Germany
Awarded: 05/30/12

See developments during the lifetime of humans. Watch our solarsystem and how it changes during time. See how galaxies evolve during billions of years. Learn how our universe has developed since the big bang. Look and see visions of the future.

Timelines is a well organized site with an eye towards detail and ease of navigation. Well researched content and nicely displayed. Well Done!
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JerryD's Site Screen Shot
Country: USA
Awarded: 07/17/12

The primary purpose and mission of the JerryD's Site Award Program is to recognize superior websites which reflect the webmaster's exceptional hard work and dedication. The webmaster does not need advanced technical expertise to receive our awards.

It is good to see this site reopen, JerryD's Site Award Program has been missed greatly! Site improvements make it better than ever!  Welcome Back!
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O.N.Z.C.D.A. Screen Shot
Country: New Zealand
Awarded: 10/03/12

O.N.Z.C.D.A. is a 'stand alone' award program where the purpose Is to recognize, honor and ultimately reward web site owners, who, through design excellence and creativity, display web sites that provide site visitors with something of noteworthy value after they return to their normal daily lives and our staff are always excited and impressed by innovative ideas, educational and/or recreational content and design excellence.

(Award rating upgrade.) The O.N.Z.C.D.A. Award Program is, in my opinion, one of the finest award programs on the Internet today. It has a nice design and is viewer friendly. It offers applicants helpful tips and an easy to understand criteria. I would consider it not only an award program, but, also a teaching site as to how to build a very good award program. Rhonda has made this site with a very close eye for detail and keeps the site excellently updated and maintained. Very well done!

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