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Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program
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~ This Award Program Is Now Retired ~
( We are no longer taking applications. )

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My name is Sandra Gerbers and I would like to welcome you to the Fun Tyme Awards Program, established April 2000.  Not all applicants for our award will win, it definitely is not an easy award to win.  Only sites that show real imagination and a lot of hard work will be able to pass our criteria.  Do not make the mistake of not reading our criteria!

Time Award

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UWSAG Selected Badge 2008           UWSAG Selected Badge 2005

UWSAG 2008 & 2005 Winner

The UWSAG Selected Program is a reward program where Silver and Gold SOA Nominees ( award seekers ) choose, from their experiences, the best award program around for the great feedback, the kind words of support and the always helping hand. It is my pleasure to announce that they have decided to grant you the UWSAG Selected Award.

Carry this award with pride, as to be honest, this is why all of us award program owners have their AP: The appreciation and approval of our applicants!  Which you deserve.

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Congratulations Fun Tyme - you deserve it!  When I first started to apply for web awards I had many disappointments over the years and then I applied for one of Sandy's awards. It took a while but I eventually received a Merit award from her. She had made such wonderful remarks about my site that I decided I wanted to better my site even more, which I did. Then after 3 years I applied again and received a Bronze and more lovely remarks. I was thrilled. Her awards are hard to win and the criteria must be read as it is invaluable to anyone wanting to win her awards. Her site is a delight for all to see and is extremely well set out with easy navigation throughout. Well done!

Margot Stuart - NZ Fantasy Artist: Ellinore Ginn

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I would like to give my personal congratulations to Sandy and her outstanding award program, Fun Tyme awards. I'm never quite sure where she finds the time to dedicate towards the upkeep of her excellent award program and the infinite amount of help and guidance she gives to those who need a little extra help or even to those who have good coding skills but may have over looked a few small points! Fun Tyme is a true gem amongst the awards community. Well done Sandy and keep up your great work! We all need you, you know!

Jo Philips - Firestarter Pyrography

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Fun Tyme.... I have known Sandy and her award program as long as I am busy with website building. I saw her awards on a site and I loved them, so I applied for one of them. But... she turned me down and at first I was so disappointed, until she explained to me why and I decided to work hard and really deserve one of her awards. I worked and improved my site and I got one! I was so proud!  And now Sandy's program is rated, for a couple of years already. All those years, from the beginning, her judgment was hard, but fair. And although a site is maybe not that good, or even really bad, when a site owner wants to learn and asks, Sandy wants to help. That is the great thing about the Fun Tyme award program and its owner, and that is why the Fun Tyme Award Program is my number 1 choice for "UWSAG Selected".

Hannah Bouma - It's Wishcraft

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Sandy is without a doubt one of the most helpful people in the AP world.  Her help and advice is above and beyond what is expected.

Rhianna Blackthorn - Rhianna's Rampage

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Also, you will notice that the listing of your AP in our halls has undergone a special permanent treatment: Thank you for the magnificent work and being a beacon to all AP owners!

On behalf of UWSAG and the SOA Nominees, Tony UWSAG Staff

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