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Some parts of the Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program has been remodeled as of February 2003.  We believe by taking the best ideas from the old program and blending them together with new ideas, put into effect, will make this a more challenging awards program.  We believe no award should be too easy to win and good effort should be awarded accordingly.  Award Program Established April 2000. Moved to stand alone and new design November 2005.

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Applications will be accepted from the 1st. of each month through the 15th.  Any applications dated after the 15th. of the month will be disqualified.  You will not be able to reapply until the time period of two ( 2 ) months has elapsed.

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at the top of each Fun Tyme Award Program page.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.  Our email link may be found on each page of this site for your convenience.
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