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These are just a few things we expect to find incorporated within your site. We expect you to have completely read our criteria. This self test is to help you prepare your site for evaluation.

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You are the webmaster/mistress of the site.
( To comply with C.O.P.P.A. ) You are over the age of 13.
You have read our criteria fully and comply with it.
By applying for our award you are giving us the permission to use a screen shot of your site if you are a winner.
You agree to display the award on your site with a link back to this site.
Your site is "Family Friendly", labeled with SafeSurf or other safe rating badge.
Your site is in English or has an English translation.
Your site has a separate area for awards received and has no resized or altered awards on display.
Contains no vulgar or offensive language.
Consists of at least 5 pages of original content.
Your site is complete with no "Under Construction" or "Coming Soon" signs on the site.
All long pages have "Up To The Top" links.
Your site has real content, has some purpose, aim or a message to impart, is entertaining or educational and has something to share with visitors to your site.
Has no major grammar, punctuation or spelling errors.
Alt and Meta tags are present.
Navigation is simple and there is a way to return to the "home" page from all pages on the site.
Graphics are original or credit given.
You checked internal and external links and have the external links opening into a new window.
The password that must be in your application is "Sing".
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