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Our mission is to promote a better Internet for all to enjoy by honoring excellence, hard work and creativity. It is through hard work that the Internet exists and can be enjoyed by all.

Through the years I have visited many sites and have learned from each one.  It is our mission to seek the best among the sites and award those deserving webmasters with recognition for their hard work and creativity.
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The Purpose of the Fun Tyme Award Program is to provide recognition to webmasters for excellence, hard work and creativity through the giving of an award.

Our awards are given to those who show outstanding interest in making their web sites the best that they can and making the web a better place for all that view the sites therein.  Your site does not have to be fancy but it should have a personality.  Please read all of the criteria before applying for our award.

The Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program is a four ( 4 ) level awards program designed to recognize those Webmasters that have combined their imagination, creativity, graphic layout and useful content to educate or entertain their viewers.

We offer GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE and MERIT level awards to those sites that meet or surpass our criteria.

Please take the time to completely read all our posted criteria.  The criteria is set down, very clearly, stating what we look for in a site to be a winner of one of our awards.  Our awards are definitely not easy to win so make sure your site is ready to be reviewed before you apply.

Before applying go through each line of our criteria and make sure your site has each item posted.  Check out our Self Test page and go through each listed item then, if you feel ready, apply for an award.

~ Notice ~
Reading the criteria of an award program fully is the most important part of applying for awards.  By reading the criteria, and meeting it and/or exceeding it, is the way to win awards.  Please do not blame any award program if you fail to fully read their criteria and do not win an award.  It is your responsibility to understand what is needed to be able to score enough points to win.  Please read all of the stated criteria areas pertaining to winning our awards.

Sandra Gerbers
Awards Manager
Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program

Good luck to you all!

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