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Applications will be accepted from the 1st. of each month through the 15th. Any applications dated after the 15th. of the month will be disqualified. You will not be able to reapply until the time period of two ( 2 ) months has elapsed.

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Gold Dot  Mandatory Requirements  Gold Dot

The Fun Tyme Entertainment Award Program will not be tolerant of anyone who does not take the time to read our stated criteria. If your site does not have the mandatory items on it, listed below, your site will be disqualified.

It takes a long time to evaluate a site. We will not waste our time indulging those people too thoughtless to read the criteria and not prepare their sites to meet and/or exceed it before applying for our award. You will be notified and a link to this page will be given. You will not be able to reapply until the period of two ( 2 ) months has elapsed. If you want our award on your site you must earn it!

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Sites must be in English with at least 5 pages of original content. We do not count link pages, awards won pages, and forums as original content.

If your site would be of interest to children, USA based, there must be a C.O.P.P.A. statement and link on your site.

Any site which gathers information from visitors must display a Privacy Policy.

All sites applying must have a separate area where the awards they received are displayed.

All sites must be fully accessible. We will not evaluate any sites with areas requiring passwords to enter pages and/or other information. Exempt from this requirement are Genealogy sites.

Copyright statement pertaining to all work and graphics done by you. If they are not your own creations then credit must be given to the creator of them.

Applying sites must be viewer rated for all ages and display a rating badge. ( Examples )-ICRA, Trust Worthy and/or SafeSurf.

All applications must include the password "sing".

We evaluate both personal and commercial sites but only the owner or webmaster are eligible to apply for our awards.

We do not evaluate forum/chat/blog, link, gaming and/or group sites.

We do not evaluate sites with animated backgrounds nor sites with more than three ( 3 ) animated items on a page. Navigational buttons are exempt from this requirement.

( Effective August 27, 2006 )

We do not evaluate any site that has their own award program which excludes stand alone award programs from being evaluated for their award.
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Gold Dot  Immediate Disqualification Elements  Gold Dot

Any hate messages or discrimination, be it race, religious beliefs, creed or color towards any other person.

Adult sexual content/pornography.

Promotion of spam or any other illegal activity.

Any site that has resized or altered the awards received by them.

Bandwidth stealing.

Sites that post via words, graphic or badge that the site and/or page validate or meet any requirements to display said words, graphic or badge must do so or be disqualified!

Sites that are mostly links will not be evaluated.

Sites that have "Under Construction or Coming Soon" pages. ( When you apply for awards your site should look as complete as possible.)

Any site that has profanity used on it.

Refusal or non acceptance of a Fun Tyme Award will disqualify your site from ever winning any future awards from this awards program.

Any application without the password "sing" included.

Any site with no separate awards received area to display awards.

Any site with floaters. We do not want to be followed around on a page!

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A password was added because of the people, applying for awards, that do not fully read what we are looking for in a site and what is stated specifically in our posted criteria.

Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program uses the following areas when judging your web site during our evaluation.

Design - Content - Graphics - Creativity - Load Time - Navigation

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