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Please read all of the Criteria before applying.
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Gold Dot  Design and Content  Gold Dot
Points Available: Up To 60

Both personal and commercial web sites are welcome, but only their creator ( webmaster ) is eligible to apply for our awards.
( No point value on this: Informational only. )

If you make people sign your guestbook to win one of your awards, if you have an awards program on site, you will lose 10 points.
( - 10 points )

External links must open in a new window. Internal links must open in the same window as the rest of the site.
Example: Any awards that you have won should be linked to open into a new window. Code: ( target="_blank" ).
( 0 - 4 points )

Right click must be useable.
Example: This is useful to see the properties of images.
( 0 - 4 points )

No pop ups other than those imposed by your server which are not within your control.
Example: We do not want to buy anything or be distracted by pop-ups that do not pertain to your site. ( No advertising! )
( 0 - 2 points )

Your pages should be pleasing to the eye and uniform. The color of your text should be appropriate for the color of your background.
Example: We would like to be able to see the text. Too light of text on a light background is not easy to read. The pages should be uniform in design without having different backgrounds for every page.
( 0 - 6 points )

If you have background music or sounds, theme of music should flow with page and have a way to shut off. NOTE: If you do not have music you will also earn 2 points.
Example: Loud heavy music on a page distracts from the content. Keep the music in tune with the content of the page.
( 0 - 2 points )

Long pages must have an "Up To Top" link.
Example:Up To Top Arrow Graphic Code: ( target="_top" ).
( 0 - 4 points )

Good spelling without excessive errors and readable.
Example: Use a spell checker to verify that you have no misspelled words. We don't want to see anything like Mather instead of Mother.
( 0 - 4 points )

There must be no horizontal scroll evident. Horizontal scroll bars indicate poor html coding.
Example: If you made your site for an area 800 x 600 then a scroll bar across the bottom should not be there.
( 0 - 4 points )

Alt and/or Title tags and Meta tags should be used on your site.
Examples: Meta tags help the Search Engines list your site. Having good Meta Tags helps your site rank higher in the listings. Alt and/or Title tags should describe what the image is and be on all images on your site.
( 0 - 10 points )

Your site must have at the least 5 pages of good content.
Example: We want to see some content. Awards pages, forums, link pages and just pictures will not be considered as good content. Let your site tell us something and make it interesting.
( 0 - 10 points )

Evaluator's points for over all appearance.
Example: If you have bad coding or your design is lacking you will not get high points on this item.
( 0 - 10 points )

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