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Gold Dot  Creativity  Gold Dot
Points Available: Up To 20

Graphics should be original, if they are not, credit should be given to the maker.
( 0 - 5 points )

Graphics and/or animations should be of good quality and must load properly.
( 0 - 5 points )

Evaluator's Impression: We would like to see your own ideas not ideas of others. Let your own imagination soar!
( 0 - 10 points )

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Gold Dot  Navigation and Load Time  Gold Dot
Points Available: Up To 20

Easy navigation is a must.
Example: Access to the pages without having to use the back button is highly recommended.
( 0 - 10 points )

Effects are great but they shouldn't take too long to load.
Example: Please do not make me wait all day to view your pages. If I have to wait over two minutes to view a page it better be really good!
( 0 - 5 points )

The site should work in recent version of Internet Explorer.
( 0 - 5 points )

Total maximum points you can achieve = 100 points
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Gold Dot  Miscellaneous Information  Gold Dot

Please allow up to 4 weeks for a response after applying for one of our awards. This time may vary if there are a lot of applications or during a holiday season.

If you do not win one of our awards please do not get discouraged. If after a 2 month waiting period you make any significant changes to your site, please feel free to reapply.

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Gold Dot  NOTICE  Gold Dot
Do Not alter the awards in any way if you win.

If you are a Fun Tyme Winner we do ask that our awards not be resized, altered and/or defaced in any way. If we find that a site has done this it will be in violation of our criteria and you will be asked to remove our award from your site.

In order to comply with C.O.P.P.A. you must be at least 13 years old to nominate a Web site.

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If you receive a Fun Tyme Award you will have the satisfaction
of knowing you earned it for all your hard work and dedication.

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