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Sandra Gerbers

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Sandra Gerbers

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Sandra Gerbers

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My name is Sandra Gerbers and this is The Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program, for which I am the WebMistress/Evaluator.  I have worked with many types of computers before they even were made available and used by the general public.  I am a self taught web designer with an extensive artistic background.  I love working with graphics and building websites.  I have been an evaluator for some top award programs through the years and gained a lot of experience pretaining to website design and structure.

Poetry, art and music are the fields in which my interest rests in my spare time.  In the past, I have had the great honor to hold the position of Bayport Art Club President for four consecutive years.  I have been honored for my work with the Boys and Girls Club of America in the past and enjoy seeing young people use their potential to be the best that they can be.

I have helped many nice people on the web with graphics and award programs and I have met many terrific people along the way.  I no longer have the time to do graphics for others, but, it was a very rewarding feeling to be of help to others when they had needed it.  I wish you all good luck with your award applications to our awards program and look forward to viewing your sites.
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Experienced in the following areas:

Web Designing
Graphic Designing
Award Designing
Animation Design
Poetry, Art and Music
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Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program -- Evaluator/WebMistress
Time Keeper Award Program -- Evaluator/WebMistress
White Swan Award Program -- Evaluator/WebMistress -- Closed
The Ethics Pledge Program -- Evaluator/WebMistress -- Closed
O.N.Z.C.D.A. -- Evaluator -- Closed

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Gold Dot  Past Evaluator For  Gold Dot

APIRS Rating Service -- Executive Advisor -- Closed
I.W.A.R.A. -- Evaluator/WebMistress -- Closed
I.W.A.R.A. -- C.E.P. -- Evaluator/WebMistress -- Closed
Lynx Award Program -- Evaluator -- Closed
Southern Nytes -- Evaluator -- Closed
Seasons Of Change -- Evaluator -- Closed
WebAwards -- Evaluator -- Intern Manager -- Closed
Keepsake Award Program -- Evaluator -- Closed
VSDA Award Program -- Evaluator -- Closed
B.W.D.A. Award Program -- Evaluator -- Closed
BigEye Award Program -- Evaluator -- Closed
Treasures Of The Web -- Graphic Tech./Evaluator -- Closed
GNAE Award Program -- Evaluator/Graphic Tech. -- Closed

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